Curator Mark Witham (second from the left) escorted Larry Wilhelm, Terry Gilbert, and Ed Reed for a two-hour tour of the collection.

The Military Heritage Collection of North Texas is located Just a few miles southeast of Nevada, Texas (2021 population 1,331).  Its multitude of military treasures are housed in numerous buildings at 20798 County Road 590, Nevada, TX 75173.

The collection includes an array of military vehicles, many of which operate, including troop carriers, tanks, Humvees, and motorcycles. Also included is a diverse collection of military uniforms spanning from WWI to the current day and an extensive collection of original artworks from many notable artists.

The collection curator, Mark Witham, oversees collections by managing the acquisition, preservation, and display of the artifacts. Mark began the collection more than ten years ago through various means, including government surplus purchases, contributions from contacts throughout the world, and simply donations through word of mouth.

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