26 Oct 2014 – 22nd Annual Teddy Bear Ride

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County’s 22nd annual Teddy Bear Ride was held Sunday, Oct. 26. The Teddy Bear Ride, our longest-standing fundraising event, generates much needed support to provide safety, healing and justice to abused and neglected children of Collin County. Riders who participate in this wonderful event also contribute lovable teddy bears to stock the Center’s Teddy Bear Room. Each bear will provide comfort to a child victimized by abuse or neglect. We hope that you’ll join us for our 2014 event.. For more information see http://www.caccollincounty.org/event_details/teddy-bear-ride.html

2014-10-27 Teddy Bear Run (3) 2014-10-27 Teddy Bear Run (2) 2014-10-07 Teddy Bear Run 2014-10-27 Teddy Bear Run (1)154497_880835365260514_279918485550844160_n 247092_880759885268062_525318977220383140_n 485573_880759925268058_282690913178555278_n 1010146_880759821934735_7881802191380717495_n 1016811_880759928601391_9108219327970369845_n 1622789_880835428593841_4391976017610817626_n 1622869_880760028601381_855435516353602829_n 10153712_880835318593852_5916254645340598991_n 10153876_880760011934716_8663256019784453905_n 10174879_880759918601392_1545004826033653916_n 10351404_880759965268054_2167624000644093442_n 10354815_880760005268050_6827107905522375135_n 10354932_880835321927185_8918845244394432499_n 10377609_880759971934720_2582927535521805421_n 10407963_880835375260513_7354382214227406778_n 10419579_880759855268065_5295839245216943876_n 10421472_880759828601401_3126287174444256362_n 10437497_880835425260508_7985793706223086449_n 10451710_880835381927179_4615405074942048690_n 10514211_880759745268076_4072684233618095713_o 10547848_880759761934741_3609373186418467898_o 10606586_880759891934728_7352033944471980191_n 10614341_880759888601395_3958497123518057772_n 10620638_880835325260518_609409722425614701_n 10750074_880759765268074_8819748318405575334_o

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