How to Fold the American Flag

Our post Honor Guard performs memorial ceremonies for fallen Veterans’ wherein the flag is removed from the coffin, folded and presented to the next of kin in honor of their loved one’s faithful and dedicated service to our country.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I fold the American Flag,” we have your answer.

The traditional method of folding the American Flag is as follows:

(A) Straighten out the flag to full length and fold lengthwise once.

(B) Fold it lengthwise a second time to meet the open edge, making sure that the union of stars on the blue field remains outward in full view. (A large flag may have to be folded lengthwise a third time.)

(C) A triangular fold is then started by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to the open edge.

(D) The outer point is then turned inward, parallel with the open edge, to form a second triangle.

(E) The diagonal or triangular folding is continued toward the blue union until the end is reached, with only the blue showing and the form being that of a cocked (three-corner) hat.

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Flag Folding Procedures information was gathered from the American Legion’s website.