Within the last two months we have seen our ranks dwindle by three.

We have lost and will miss three steadfast participants in our Color Guard/ Honor Guard. So now have a shortage of Guard members.

We need your assistance to fill our ranks so we can accept requests from the community that ask our post to present the colors of our nation before their event.

This is not demanding work, and we can teach you if necessary.

We can even help with the procurement of uniforms, and we even have a few extra ones from the generous donations of members who have retired.

Please consider putting on the uniform again and show our neighbors what a privilege it is to be able to serve as we all have done before.  Let them know what it is to be a proud AMERICAN!

Our guard is well known throughout Frisco and surrounding communities, and as far away as Dallas and Fort Worth.  Each time our color/honor guard participates in an event, our post’s brand is enhanced.

Contact Bill Drake at 214-274-9955 for more information.