As you know The American Legion in now in our 4th year working with IndyCar and we will have the opportunity to participate in some NASCAR events in some areas of the country.

These events will be “Be The One” outreach events to meet veterans and their families to introduce them to our organization, as well as membership recruiting events.

This year there are no IndyCar events planned for Texas, but we will have 1 NASCAR event at Texas Motor Speedway in Ft Worth on April 12 – 14, 2024.

We will need to get 7 – 9 volunteers to work each day at the event. Please contact the Dept Adjutant Bill West at if you wish to volunteer, we have to arrange for credentials and parking passes for the events.

Attire – Legion Branded polo/shirt, nice pants/shorts, comfortable closed-toed shoes and a Legion branded baseball cap which will be provided by National.

Hours – Friday and Saturday 8am – 5pm and Sunday 7am – 1pm.

Food and drinks can be purchased at the track from various vendors, and we will have water available at our booth.

Bill West

State Adjutant