The newly designed Post 178 Challenge Coins have arrived, look fantastic, and are available for purchase!

The project team, which was led by Ed Reed and included Fred Rogers, Delbert Parsons, and Jose Torres, began design efforts in early June. In less than 60 days our coin was designed, manufactured, and delivered.

The new coin has an entirely distinctive look than the 2020 coin. It is 4mm thick rather than 3mm and both the front and back of the coin sport entirely well-known designs. The front of the coin proudly displays the American Legion emblem while the back of the coin displays the five service branch emblems. It has an oblique edge and a finish of high polished gold. It also contains eight assorted colors.

The price of each coin is $10.00 and an ample supply exists. Purchases can be made at Membership Meetings or by contacting Terry Meyering at or 972-998-9993.