Bonham Veterans Home Donations Chair John Allen and Caren Cohen, Quilting Angels member, hold two unique fidget quilts.

Residents at Bonham Veterans Home are incredibly grateful for a group of sixty Quilting Angels from Frisco Lakes. These Angels donate quilts and fidget quilts yearly to the home.

Many in the group are spouses of veterans or veterans themselves who appreciate those who have served our great country. Quilting and sewing things for veterans and others is their way of thanking those who have sacrificed to keep it safe. This year, twenty quilts and sixteen fidget quilts were donated to Bonham veterans.

Since 2017, the Quilting Angels have donated 208 quilts and 68 fidget quilts to the veterans,  Fidget quilts are sensory mats held in laps that have numerous items sewn on top that give veterans with Alzheimer’s or dementia in the memory care unit a sense of calmness when agitated. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the Angels also began sewing masks. To date, more than 8,500 masks have been donated to veterans, hospitals, medical and cancer centers, and to police and fire first responders.

The group of day quilters is led by Lori Kestila, while Maureen Schmiedel leads the smaller group of fidget quilters. To learn more, visit or contact Maureen at

The Lord bestows blessings on those who help the needy, and these Quilting Angels deserve many.