Legion Riders

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Director: Matthew Ostergaard – Presides over all meeting and oversees business and affairs of the Chapter.

Assistant Director: “JD” Lawless – Assists with meetings, business and affairs of the Chapter.

Secretary: Michael Wardb– Keeps a full and correct record of proceedings and handles all correspondence of the Chapter.

Treasurer: Jerry McNamara – Charge of all finances of the Chapter and financial reporting to the Chapter and Post.

Sergeant- At- Arms: Michael Ward – Maintains order at meetings and assists the Road Captain and Safety Officer in enforcing safe riding rule during rides and runs.

Road Captain: Jerry McNamara – Plans rides and runs, Chapter ride activities and works closely with the Safety Officer and Sgt-at –Arms to ensure safe riding of the Chapter.

Safety Officer: OPEN – Prepares safety tips and training. Assists the Road Captain and Sgt, at Arms in maintaining safety, event planning and event insurance issues.

Historian: OPEN – Charge of all individuals records and incidents of the Chapter and members. Maintains the history of the Chapter.

Membership Director: OPEN – Leads recruitment activities, keeps membership records and provides reporting to the Chapter and Post.

Chaplain: OPEN – Charged with the spiritual welfare of the Chapter comrades, provides service in the event of ceremonial functions. Adheres to ceremonial rituals as recommended by the National and Department Headquarters.