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Policies and information needed for submitting articles to include on the website.

Include who the author of the blog post is.

If you are forwarding an existing article,

  • You must include a link to the original article.
  • Provide us with a summary of the article written in your own words. Text that has been copied and pasted from an existing article will not be approved as we don’t want to take a chance on plagiarism.

Enter the article’s text into the body of the form. If you copy and paste the information, be sure to format the text, otherwise it might not look right. If no text is included in the body of the form submission, your article will not be approved.

When attaching images and graphics, you must have permission to use them. If you downloaded them from another website, you must provide written permission from the website owner stating you have permission to use their image, graphic, etc.

  • A good rule of thumb is, if you’re not pulling an image from a website that provides stock images, graphics, audio files, videos, etc. for people to use, you need to get permission to use the image.
  • If you are forwarding an article for us to use, and you include a link to the article, we can use an image, graphic, etc. from that article and you will not need to provide written permission.

Please spell check everything, especially people’s names, web addresses, etc. We do our best to catch typos, but sometimes they still slip by.

We reserve the right to edit article summaries.

We reserve the right to deny posting an article for any reason we see fit.

If your article was not approved, we might contact you to explain why and give you an opportunity to resubmit your article.