Tribute-to-Korean-War-Found-OffensiveKorean War (June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953) — The Korean War was a war between North and South Korea, in which a United Nations force led by the United States of America fought for the South, and China fought for the North, which was also assisted by the Soviet Union.

PeterRIPJuly 26th 2015 – Let us never forget!!  This hero would have celebrated his 29th birthday this Saturday. May he forever rest in peace.



Dave Fautheree, Norm Burgess, Uncle Sam and Fred RogersFrisco Freedom Fest – we will have a booth again this year at the Frisco Freedom Fest, for more information about the Frisco Freedom Fest visit http://www.friscofreedomfest.org/



Freedom Video – 11th grade student, Angus Sullivan, in the Frisco ISD assembled a 6-minute video on Freedom and interviewed 6 member of American Legion Post 178.  This is a powerful and dramatic video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5lqJZdhZx8

CharterHappy 1st Anniversary Post 178 – April 22, 2015, is the 1st birthday for Frisco Peter J Courcy American Legion Post 178 for the signing of our permanent Charter. We have grown quickly to 192 members and accomplished much in our community during our short tenure.

American Happy-Veterans-Day-2014-Pictures-Photos-Pics-GraphicsLegion, Peter J Courcy Post 178 has been very active this Veteran’s Day starting on Nov 8th at the City of Frisco Community Parade which honors Veterans of Frisco. We are compiling a list of activities attended by our Members during November where Veterans were honored. If you are a Post 178 member and you attended an event, email your information and photos to txlegion178@gmail.com

Nov 7 – Sparks Elementary
Dave Fautheree, Fred Rogers and Terry Meyering
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/sparks-elementary/

Nov 8 – Frisco Community Parade
Grand Marshall – Bob Smith
Parade Staff – Lee Myrben
Color Guard – Dave Fautheree, Norm Burgess, Delbert Parsons, Terry Meyering
POW Flag – Steve Elliott
Post Flag – Brett Ragsdale and Phyllis Sutton
American Legion Riders – George Sutton and Steve Kauffman
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-8-2014-frisco-parade/

Nov 10 – Dedication of Peter J Courcy’s portrait at Collin County Courthouse
Fred Rogers, Mike Strand, George Sutton, Delbert Parsons, Tony Sanniola, Joe Schneider
Pictures posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/dedication-of-peter-j-courcys-portrait-at-collin-county-courthouse/

Nov 11 – Tadlock Elementary – Honors Our Veterans
Post Member Jerry McNamara attended
Twitter Post – https://twitter.com/TadlockElem/status/530723780432494594/photo/1
Pictures posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-11-2014-veterans-day/

Nov 11 – Little Elm Elementary (was it Hackberry or Lakeview)
Post Member John Allen attended

Nov 11 – Griffin Middle School
Post Member Hal Grant

Nov 11 – Maus Middle School
Post Members – Jerry McNamara, Jon McSwain (potential new member), Mike & Marilyn Strand, Chris & Valerie Jackson, Fred Rogers, Delbert Parsons, Dave Fautheree, Terry Meyering, Harold Brown & wife Carolyn, Audie Adkins (Frisco ISD) & vet husband
Picture Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-11-2014-veterans-day/
Twitter Post – https://twitter.com/MausMS

Nov 11 – Hicks Elementary – Might be on the Lewisville ISD
Post Member John Clark

Nov 11 – Lewisville ISD
Facebook page that has about 40 pictures from yesterday but I’m not sure if any our Post Members are in them
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lewisvilleisd/photos_stream?tab=photos_stream

Nov 12 – Frisco Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Post Members – Fred Rogers, George Sutton, Phyllis Sutton, Terry Meyering
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-12-2014-pioneer-heritage-ms-flag-presentation/

Dec 6th – Frisco Merry Main Street

Dec 7th – Frisco Veteran’s Walk of Honor

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