American Happy-Veterans-Day-2014-Pictures-Photos-Pics-GraphicsLegion, Peter J Courcy Post 178 has been very active this Veteran’s Day starting on Nov 8th at the City of Frisco Community Parade which honors Veterans of Frisco. We are compiling a list of activities attended by our Members during November where Veterans were honored. If you are a Post 178 member and you attended an event, email your information and photos to txlegion178@gmail.com

Nov 7 – Sparks Elementary
Dave Fautheree, Fred Rogers and Terry Meyering
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/sparks-elementary/

Nov 8 – Frisco Community Parade
Grand Marshall – Bob Smith
Parade Staff – Lee Myrben
Color Guard – Dave Fautheree, Norm Burgess, Delbert Parsons, Terry Meyering
POW Flag – Steve Elliott
Post Flag – Brett Ragsdale and Phyllis Sutton
American Legion Riders – George Sutton and Steve Kauffman
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-8-2014-frisco-parade/

Nov 10 – Dedication of Peter J Courcy’s portrait at Collin County Courthouse
Fred Rogers, Mike Strand, George Sutton, Delbert Parsons, Tony Sanniola, Joe Schneider
Pictures posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/dedication-of-peter-j-courcys-portrait-at-collin-county-courthouse/

Nov 11 – Tadlock Elementary – Honors Our Veterans
Post Member Jerry McNamara attended
Twitter Post – https://twitter.com/TadlockElem/status/530723780432494594/photo/1
Pictures posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-11-2014-veterans-day/

Nov 11 – Little Elm Elementary (was it Hackberry or Lakeview)
Post Member John Allen attended

Nov 11 – Griffin Middle School
Post Member Hal Grant

Nov 11 – Maus Middle School
Post Members – Jerry McNamara, Jon McSwain (potential new member), Mike & Marilyn Strand, Chris & Valerie Jackson, Fred Rogers, Delbert Parsons, Dave Fautheree, Terry Meyering, Harold Brown & wife Carolyn, Audie Adkins (Frisco ISD) & vet husband
Picture Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-11-2014-veterans-day/
Twitter Post – https://twitter.com/MausMS

Nov 11 – Hicks Elementary – Might be on the Lewisville ISD
Post Member John Clark

Nov 11 – Lewisville ISD
Facebook page that has about 40 pictures from yesterday but I’m not sure if any our Post Members are in them
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lewisvilleisd/photos_stream?tab=photos_stream

Nov 12 – Frisco Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Post Members – Fred Rogers, George Sutton, Phyllis Sutton, Terry Meyering
Pictures Posted – http://friscolegion.org/media/photos/nov-12-2014-pioneer-heritage-ms-flag-presentation/

Dec 6th – Frisco Merry Main Street

Dec 7th - Frisco Veteran’s Walk of Honor


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