Girls State Sponsors

Participation in Texas Girls State is based strictly on merit. The top students from the Frisco area in that year’s junior class will be considered based on their leadership and achievements; ability to pay will never be a deciding factor.  It is a tradition and requirement of the ALA Girls State program that a citizen’s tuition and costs will be funded by the community, to ensure that any girl who is qualified and selected will be able to attend.

With 13 schools in our Unit’s territory for 2019, and more coming online each year, it is no small feat to gather the funds needed to have Frisco represented each summer. We could not put this program on without the generosity of our civic and business community.

It costs around $600 to send a student to Texas Girls State each year. You can learn more about the opportunities for your group at this sponsorship packet.

If your organization or business would like to sponsor a delegate, please contact us.


ALA Unit 178 is especially grateful to Frisco Sunrise Rotary and Frisco Women’s League, for their investment in the young women of our community. Grants from these civic organizations made our 2018 delegation possible.