Labor Day is a national holiday, honoring working people, their contributions, achievements, and sacrifices in pursuit of national prosperity and well-being.  The Labor Day weekend is generally seen to mark the end of the summer season.  It has been celebrated as a national holiday since 1894 as a celebration of the American worker and the great American work ethic.  Labor Day is all about the great American worker, the driving engine behind the most productive economy in the world, and the American work ethic which lead to one of the highest standards of living in the world.

High School Orators Wanted by Post 178 for Speech Competition

High school students of Frisco have been invited by the Peter J Courcy Post 178 to compete in its 2021 Oratorical Scholarship Contest.  The invitation to enter this year’s competition was extended by Ed Reed, Vice Commander-Public Relations.  The contest for Frisco students has been arranged with the full cooperation of Frisco ISD officials.

The contest is open to qualified ninth (9th) thru twelfth (12th) grade students of public, parochial, military, private, charter, and state accredited home schools.  The subject in the prepared oration portion of the contest must be about some phase of the U.S. Constitution, emphasizing the duties and obligations of a citizen to the U.S. government.  The prepared oration must be an original effort of each contestant and must be 8-10 minutes in length.  An additional element of the contest will require each contestant to deliver extemporaneous remarks lasting 3-5 minutes about one of the four amendments to the Constitution.

In addition to the awards by winners of the various elimination rounds of competition, college scholarships totaling $203,500 will be awarded at the national finals in Indianapolis, IN in April 2021.  The national winner will receive $25,000, second place $22,500, and third place $20,000.  Each state winner who competes in the first round of the national contest will receive a $2,000 scholarship.  Contestants in the second round who do not advance to the national final round will receive an additional $2,000 scholarship.  The top three youth orators who have won all previous elimination rounds will vie for top honors in the national contest.

Interested high school students in Frisco can learn more at friscolegion.org/activitieslegion.org/oratorical/about, or by contacting Ed Reed at friscolegion.oratorical@gmail.com.

75th Anniversary VJ Day

VJ Day, marks the anniversary the Allies’ victory over Japan during World War II.

75 years ago (Sept 2, 1945), the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was formally signed on board USS Missouri. Japan surrendered on August 14/15 (depending on the time zone), 1945. The formal signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender took place aboard USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945 and President Harry S. Truman designated September 2 as Victory over Japan Day.

PTSD and Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Going through trauma may increase a person’s risk for suicide. Studies show that suicide risk may be higher in people who have PTSD.  This update focuses on what we know about the relationships between suicide, trauma and PTSD, and on ways to help prevent suicide.

About PTSD and Suicide

USAA Makes Largest One-Time Donation To the Military Community

To support the military community and help mitigate the pandemic’s impacts, USAA is donating $30 million to two dozen nonprofit organizations to offer relief and support. The Military Family Relief Initiative will help military aid organizations provide zero‐interest loans and emergency grants to eligible service members, guardsmen, reservists, and their families.

The funding also will enhance veteran and spouse employment prospects and military family support efforts. This includes augmenting child‐care costs for essential personnel; supporting virtual delivery of education, including online resources and content for parents; and emotional support for children.

This donation represents the largest one‐time philanthropic contribution from USAA in their nearly 100‐year history.

Here are three ways to participate:
• Apply if you think your family would benefit from financial support via the military aid
• Give to join us in aiding military families.
• Share your story to help others build financial resilience.

Click here for more information: (https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/coronavirus-community-support)


High Order Solutions Awarded the 2019 American Legion Small Employer of Veterans Award

High Order Solutions Awarded the 2019 American Legion Small Employer of Veterans Award

High Order Solutions Vice President-Operations, Brian McClung accepting The American Legion National Award for Outstanding Small Employer of Veterans Award from Bill West, Department of Texas Adjutant

High Order Solutions, LLC. (HOS) is a veteran owned and veteran-focused business in Frisco that provides business solutions for all industries.  Their focus recently earned the 2019 American Legion National Award for Outstanding Small Employer of Veterans.  The award was presented to Brian McClung, HOS-VP-Operations, by Bill West, the Department of Texas Adjutant.  HOS also won the Department of Texas award.

Brian McClung said “HOS is honored to have been selected.  We make every effort to recruit, employ, and retain our nation’s veterans.  These American Legion awards recognize the value veterans bring to the workplace.”

HOS assists its veterans by providing free training, internships, and job placement services, as well as assistance for veteran-owned start-up and existing businesses.  Part of the HOS mission is to mentor veterans on in-demand technical skills so they can find meaningful work and ‘continue the mission’ of giving back to their community and country.

The American Legion Employer of Veterans Award program has several participant requirements:  1) at least 10% of workforce must be veterans, 2) been in business for the last 5 years, 3) cannot restrict employment to just veterans, and 4) must be a private sector employer.  Currently, veterans and other family members represent approximately 50% of the HOS workforce.

HOS coordinates closely with the local Texas Veterans Commission to post job opportunities as well as provide training class information for veterans.   Tracy Griffard, the Veteran Employer Liaison for McKinney, Frisco, Allen, and Prosper, nominated HOS for the award.

HOS is also involved with the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Device) Warrior Foundation (EODWF), a non-profit that supports the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to wounded EOD veterans and their families.  HOS is also a 2019 winner of a ‘Hire Vets Medallion Award’ for hiring unemployed and transitioning veterans.

HOS is expanding its veteran’s mission by creating a dedicated, non-profit entity, VetsDesk, which will make available even more resources for retraining and job placement.

“A large majority of our highly trained and professional staff comes from the toughest stock there is…the U.S. Military.”  said Brian McClung.  Fred Rogers, Commander of the American Legion Post 178 in Frisco, replied, “I couldn’t agree more!”

Veterans, who have honorably served our nation since December 7,1941, as well as  those still serving, who are interested in joining Post 178 may contact 1st Vice Commander Rick Redden at 214-385-0205 or friscolegion.1stvice@gmail.com.