Local Outreach

This page contains information about local organizations and groups that provide assistance to veterans and their families.  While there may be no affiliation with the American Legion, it is our intent, in good faith, to notify veterans of the various forms of assistance that may be available.

Help for Needy Veterans

Please contact our Service Officer, Kevin Robinson – pmrob07@hotmail.com for ways we can help.

Pillar I: Veterans (from the Why You Should Belong brochure)

The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation pillar is composed of programs, services and advocacy efforts that improve the lives of those who served, along with their families and dependents.

The Legion advocates on Capitol Hill for a well-funded, appropriately staffed VA that can handle benefits claims efficiently, quickly and accurately. Locally, Legion volunteers work individually with veterans to help them navigate the complicated benefits application process.

As the VA backlog continues, The American Legion is leading a national conversation about accountability to veterans and reforms aimed at veterans receiving timely appointments and the benefits they earned throughout their service.

The Legion conducts System Worth Saving visits to VA centers across the country. These monthly visits include a thorough assessment of the facility, and discussions with patients and staff at VA. This information is then compiled and published in a report.

The Legion works one-on-one with veterans to ensure they receive proper benefits. Accredited American Legion service officers are specially trained to provide free expert assistance to veterans and their families.

The majority of service officer work involves claims for VA disability benefits, but these compassionate professionals also provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other topics.


Our Chaplain, Ed Mendlik, is available for veterans who are sick or distressed.