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ON-LINE SHOPPING PRIVILEGES BEGIN Nov. 11, 2017 for designated former military members

WHO:  All Honorably Discharged Veterans or who received a General under Honorable Conditions who did not retire from a US military branch.

WHAT:  On-line (only) Shopping Privileges at military exchanges

HOW:  Go to to get your proof of service authenticated.  If problem is detected at this website you may contact these personnel at 844-868-8672 for any additional steps that may be required. 

Once verified and on November 11, 2017 you may visit the following websites to shop on-line:

NOTE:  Your eligibility to shop on-line is not limited to the exchange of your service; you may shop at any of the websites listed above.


  • Shopping is tax free from Sales Tax
  • There is no shipping charge for total orders over $49.00
  • Be sure to ask about price match to local advertising
  • Look into applying for a Military Star Card (for additional discounts, if available)

NOTE:  Post Exchange Shopping Privileges (on-line only).  Commissary Privileges are not available at this time.

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